Our speed and accuracy under pressure is unsurpassed. One of the reasons Litigation Arts remains the choice of discerning advocates and paralegals is our track record in the crucial area of delivery without any sacrifice in quality. We accomplish this by working very closely with the trial team, often right up to the last minute before trial. Direct to courtroom delivery is not unusual for us. Rest assured that we will be realistic in our promises and will go the extra mile in making sure your materials are on time.

“We were very pleased with your firm’s ability to produce quality work under extremely limiting time constraints.”
- Attorney Kenneth E. Keller,
Bronson, Bronson, McKinnon

“Your professionalism is evident in every detail.”
- Chuck Boehm,
Townsend, Townsend, Crew

Normal Turnaround: 2 days
24 Hour turnaround and same day service available at an expedited fee.

Large xeroxes of original documents and other artwork provide portable, roll-up and go convenience, and are the most economical choice.

Full color prints up to 36” wide by any length for original scanned images and artwork. For more professional presentations, high resolution iris prints are available in a range of sizes to meet your needs.

Standard Blowup Sizes, Color & Black & White:
18 x 24”
36 x 48”
40 x 60”

3/16" f oam core, standard, most economical for quick trials... 1/2" gator board for more stability and a durable, more professional appearance.

Call today to discuss options for photos, artwork and documents through scanning and enhancements that never compromise original data. At Litigation Arts we have walked that fine line between changing data and simply adding clarity to a document that may have been xeroxed many times or has been compromised in some other way.

We will clean up your pages, highlight important material, and organize events into a logical chronological flow.

Our clients have confidence in our confidentiality with sensitive material, and are reassured because we fax or deliver proofs before final blowups or other media are produced, being very careful to include the final decision-maker in every step of the process whenever possible.

Call us today, don’t delay:

IBM or Macintosh formats.
Send materials by e-mail (carole@litigationarts.com) for faster turn-around.
Call 415-786-5832 to let us know you sent a file.